John Thomas Stevens

Person Information

First Name: John Thomas
Last Name:Stevens
Gender: Male
Occupation: Law Stationer

Record Information

Date Of Event: 18/05/1857
Page/Folio: 66
Record Type: Freedom
Role within Freedom Record: Master
Freedom Obtained By: Apprenticeship

Volume Information

Type: Freedoms
Archive: Norwich City Freemen 1752-1981
Period: 1752-1981
Notes: Transcribed and indexed by Shirley and Keith Howell May 1999

Linked Records

Freemen are linked through the Freedom Event. Fathers, mothers, masters and employers all have a role to play in that Event, as they sponsor the new freeman. It is details of this link you can see below, and is not necessarily a family tree.

John Cutlock

Year Of Event: 1857
Occupation: Attorneys Clerk
Role: New freeman
Method: Apprenticeship

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